Nested Routes

The blog template supports posts in nested sub-folders. This helps in organisation and can be used to group posts of similar content e.g. a multi-part series. This post is itself an example of a nested route! It’s located in the/data/blog/nested-routefolder.


Simplify create multiple folders inside the main/data/blogfolder and add to them. You can even create something like/data/blog/nested-route/deeply-nested-route/

We use Next.js catch all routes to handle the routing and path creations.

Use Cases

Here are some reasons to use nested routes

  • More logical content organisation (blogs will still be displayed based on the created date)
  • Multi-part posts
  • Different sub-routes for each author
  • Internationalization (though it would be recommended to useNext.js built-in i8n routing)


  • The previous/next post links at bottom of the template are currently sorted by date. One could explore modifying the template to refer the reader to the previous/next post in the series, rather than by date.