VueJsis a progressive framework & Nowadays it’s going very popular. Requesting you before jump in this topic, have to acknowledge with basic Javascript, HTML knowledge, or related programming knowledge.

What you need before starting VueJS

  • Very Basic HTML & CSS
  • Syntax, Variables & Basic Operation
  • Array Loop, Conditional Statement, Functions
  • Events
  • Dom
  • OOP

Great, Hope that’s topic already cleared, so now we can see the VueJS topics.

1. Dom Manipulation/Interaction using VueJS

  1. How looks like VueJs Instances & Data Accessing.
  2. Uses of VueJs Directives
  3. How works with CSS

2. Conditional Statement & Loop

  1. use of v-If/Else Condition
  2. use of v-for

3. Vue Instance & Understanding

  1. How to manage data & methods.
  2. Basic knowledge of Components.

That’s all are basic things on VueJS, now you can move into VueCLI, and let’s start with that.

4. Start Learning Development with VueCLI

  1. Vue CLI & Project Structure
  2. .Vue Files & structure.
  3. Uses of Components
  4. Package Manager like NPM & YARN

5. Go deep into VueJs Components

  1. Props (parent to Child)
  2. EventBus
  3. Slot – with Styling and Behavior
  4. Working with HTML form & Validation
  5. VueJS Directives & Customization
  6. Filters & Mixins

6. Finally very important Topics

  1. Working with HTTP request (Axios).
  2. Routing in VueJs
  3. State Management by VueX

There is no boundary to finish your learning curve, Please go on & keep learning with new things in VueJS.

Reference: I was learning VueJs from thistutorial, It’s the best tutorial as far as I can see for VueJs. This Tutorial Topic helps me to make this Syllabus for beginners.

RoadMapalso you can follow.