If you are already on the LAMP stack, then this post will help to quickly set up the composer. Spacially for the version which hasn’t self-update available. Let’s get started.

You can check if the composer is already available on your computer by this command,
$ which composer

in this case, my computer returns**/usr/bin/composer .** if there is nothing return like mine. Don’t worry just follow the steps below.

To download Composer

it will download the composer in current directory.

php -r "copy('https://getcomposer.org/installer','composer-setup.php');"

TO Create composer.phar

it will create this in same (Current) directory.
php composer-setup.php

Final step to move the composer.phar

Replace/usr/bin/composerwith the result returned from step 1. after this you are able to run composer globally.

sudo mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer

If it’s successfully installed, the output will be the same as the screenshot below.

composer screenshot

Banner Image credit:Ben