Hi Fokls, This is common asking question when you need to change the laravl login url in fortify. Somedays ago i tried many ways to change the fortify login url. So after i got this method below and its tested. Its Working efficiently, you can check this example.

  1. Firstly go to yourFortifyServiceProviderand now you have add this below code inboot()method

now its look like

  public function boot()
        Fortify::ignoreRoutes(); <em>// <<< ADDED THIS LINE</em>

        <em>// Below is the default configuration that comes with this provider</em>
        <em>// If you changed it, you can keep your changes</em>
  1. Then copy Fortify’s routes definitions to your ./routes/web.php file.
  2. Then go to web.php, need to keep the controllers imports file and you can make changes accordingly.

Thanks For read please comments if its not solved yet

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