Basic skills required to learn Computer science

You should have some skills to get the motivation to learn computer science.

  • Give support to people with torrent downloads.
  • How to install the crack application.
  • How to install windows 10 os.
  • Note that: if you can solve GPT/MBR disk issues at windows 10, you will be the next boss.
  • How to speed up computer.
  • How to use VPN and unblock websites

There are lots of hidden skills so I couldn’t list them all.

Hate competitive programing

Doesn’t matters if you have an interest or not. Just hate it, cause you Don’t believe a good programmer should have this. There are bunch of successful dev who don’t care about it but still, now they have success. Just blame your past that you GaveUp every math logic from school. School teachers didn’t mention the importance of math in programming life. He was the responsible person for that. Even you are right that they didn’t have any sense of computer programming and its future. Whatever it’s just a piece of bad luck. No worries, you can easily hate competitive programming for these reasons or without any reason.

Academic Life

Surely you will pass every semester with good results or bad results. I think for a computer programmer you shouldn’t worry about CGPA/GPA. but be careful you must need a superpower to finish this life easily which isControl+C and control+v.

  • Copy and paste assignment
  • Copy and paste LAB test
  • In the exam, Even you have tried to copy the answers sheet from the others mate from your class.
  • Don’t believe in your answer if this is 100% right. just copy from others even though that’s wrong.

come to the real point :

a single sheet of paper can’t decide your future.

just remembering this line you can finish your academy.

Don’t focus on a single programming language or particular skill

Now you should focus on a single skill but you won’t do it. so take a trendy Programming language like for frontend you can take any Javascript(React or something sexiest, coolest). If it’s not working for your basic, please choose another language or tech stack. try and try different languages. now everything going to be failed but absolutely you can add a badge on your social or GitHub profile that you arefull-stack would be great if you have seen some mobile app development tools, it’s a big plus. don’t worry about UX UI, you will get lots of free UI templates on 3rd party sites.

Self-marketing and personal growth

When you are in a coffee shop with friends and gossiping about random stuff. let them show your huge false interest in AI, ML & Blockchain. doesn’t matter what you know, just talk about the future of Ai. let them understand that Alan Musk is your closest relatives. Share the importance of automation, big data & cloud computing. This kind of shitty topic can boost your confidence level.

100days of Code Challengebefore start coding

  • make sure Code Editor has the coolest theme.
  • You have all the autoComplete code plugins.

if not have, take the time to set up all the things within 1-2hours. it will boost your productivity. After complete setup does code for 30seconds to check all the plugins are working or not & post on social mediaDay 1 code challengecompleted with hashtag #100daysofcode.

Freelancing is king

Signup in some market places with your all skills. try to bid some work, but you can see everyone is rejecting you. offer them any work at $5 , but still rejecting that means something wrong. you will get tired in 6months with understand this couldn’t be an ultimate goal of a genius developer.

somehow land your first DEV job by a Reference

Cool, definitely it’s not an IT company, it should be a non-IT company. Where they need a full stack developer cum IT Guy tofix printer, lan connection, MS office work & web developer. For other IT work, you have to apply a common guideline to solve any issues.

Suppose they claimed the printers not working, VGA, LAN not working. Just ask them to“Restart”. Whatever happened, just asking them to continue “Restart the device” until it’s solved by itself.

luckily this company has an old HTML site & for what you are hired to upgrade and maintain it. the company must have a short deadline to finish it & you will choose WordPress. cause it has a drag&drop site builder. in a few 7days, you will complete the site. really appreciated! now, wait for the promotion letter.

having similar work at daily, now you are really bored and want to switch.

High time to switch the career path

You must be tried with some reputed company but no one will call you for an interview. Even one calls you for an interview, you will be failed the primary exam. in this period, you will feel that a programming job just sucks your life and there is no bright career here. so you will try some trendy and juicy positions like system Admin, Data Science & DevOps. unfortunately, that’s all are required to know programming languages. So finally you will understand that its ends perfectly.

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