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Configuring Different or America Time Zone in Laravel

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    Md Rathik

Are you working on a Laravel project and need to set the America time zone for your application? Laravel's default timezone is UTC, but you can easily adjust it to match the time zone you need. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring your Laravel application displays and processes time according to the America/New_York time zone.

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Step 1: Open the Laravel Configuration

The first step is to open your Laravel project's configuration. You can achieve this in one of three ways: by modifying the config/app.php file, using environment variables in the .env file, or creating a custom configuration file named timezone.php.

Method 1: Modifying config/app.php

  1. Open the config/app.php file.

  2. Locate the timezone option, which is initially set to 'UTC.'

  3. Change the timezone to 'America/New_York' (or your preferred America time zone).

  4. Save the file.

Method 2: Using Environment Variables (.env)

  1. Open the .env file.

  2. Find the APP_TIMEZONE option, which is initially set to 'UTC.'

  3. Update APP_TIMEZONE to 'America/New_York' (or your desired America time zone).

  4. Save the file.

Method 3: Creating a Configuration File

  1. Create a new configuration file named timezone.php in your config directory.

  2. Add the following code to the timezone.php file:


return [
    'timezone' => 'America/New_York',
  1. Save the file.

  2. Open the config/app.php file and replace the timezone option with 'timezone' => config('timezone.timezone').

By following these steps, you've successfully changed the timezone of your Laravel application to "America/New_York." Your application will now display and process time according to the desired America time zone.


Changing the timezone in Laravel is a straightforward process, whether you prefer to modify the configuration file, use environment variables, or create a custom configuration file. By setting the America time zone, you ensure that your application handles time-related operations accurately and in line with your specific requirements.

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