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Add free Cloudflare SSL in AWS EC2 Instance

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    Md Rathik

There are lots of guyz looking for install ssl for their amazon aws ec2 instance. So in this article i am sharing the easiest and quickest way to solve the issue. Since you are on this article, i know that you already have aws-ec2 service.

Step 1 : Setup CloudFlare

add site

Step 2 : Go to Domain Provider Panel

add NS record to domain

After done this, cloudflare will check the NS record and give you confirmation on your dashboard like this.

Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site

Even you can also check the NS record update from this link

Step 3 : Go to EC2

You don't need to any work there. Just copy the ipv4 public address of your instance.

copy ec2 public ip

Step 4 : set the "a" Record

Now you have to set the "a" record to cloudflare. Please put the copied ip(ec2 public ipv4) as "a" record like this for &

add "a" record

Once the NS record Propagation is finished, it will see, that your site working with Free cloudflare ssl certificate.

😊 Thanks for reading.

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